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Frequently Asked Questions

While we are always just a phone call or email away, below are answers to some frequently asked questions about custom toy manufacturing.

Can I get a sample to show around to buyers?
Yes. Once all the details of your idea are conveyed we will design and manufacture a one of a kind prototype for you. The sample charge of $500.00 can be paid by check or credit card.

How do I protect my idea?
Protecting your ideas starts withe the signing of an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). This document means that we cannot reproduce your product without permission. Contact us for an NDA to review and sign.

How much does my idea cost to produce?
There are many design choices that can affect the final produced price.
Quantity - the more you order the less you pay per piece.
Size - the larger the size the more material needed and the higher the shipping costs will be as well.
Quality - there are many different qualities of plush and materials, all ranging greatly in price.
Detail - similar to the differences in quality but from a manufacturing point of view. A good example of two varying levels of detail in a toy are:

  • a bean bag plush bear that is simple in shape and without apparel or accessories.

  • a realistic looking horse stuffed toy with features that are characteristic of the real animal.

Where do you manufacture my toys?
All the toys we make are designed in the USA with overseas production.

Where do I send my ideas?
Once you submit a Quote Request, a specialist will contact you to let you know where to email your ideas and images.

What is your minimum order?
It depends on the size, usually between 1,000 to 1,500 pieces is our minimum order quantity.

How long does it take to get my product?
Approximately 90 days after the prototype is approved.
The typical steps and duration are:

  • Prototype Stage - 21 - 30 days

  • Production Stage/Overseas Shipping - within 60-75 days

  • Delivery ( local shipping ) - 5 to 10 days

How much is shipping?
Your quote includes sea shipping freight to the US or Canadian port of entry as well as delivery by truck to your location.

Will my toys be safe?
Yes. We have been designing and manufacturing toys for over 10 years. All of our toys meet or exceed all required ASTM standards. We pride ourselves on our 100% safety record, high level of customer service and our exceptional quality.  Learn how we ensure the safety of all our toys by clicking here.

Can I have my company name or logo on my custom plush?
Yes. We can personalize your custom stuffed animal or toy in many different ways, including silk screening on a t-shirt or bandana or a direct embroidery on the plush toy itself. We can also provide your own hang tags, and personalized sewn in labels.

Do you make anything else besides plush toys?
Yes. We make many different type of plush items golf head covers, pillows and gift bags.

What if I have special packing needs?
No problem! We can pack your animals in simple poly bags or we can design a full color display box for retail store shelves.

What do I need to do to get started?
Simply fill out our online quote request or call/email us to get started. We will discuss the project, collect the prototype fee and schedule our first design conference call.

If you have any questions not answered above please email us

Toy Safety

Learn how we ensure the safety of all our toys by clicking here.