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2014 Toy Fair Recap

February 27, 2014 No Comments Josh Livingston Events
The 2014 Toy Fair convention wrapped up last week and it was an action packed affair as always. Here are three observations from my four days on the convention floor:
Toy Fair 2014

1. Action Figures & Plush Toys Based on Literary Characters Remain as Popular as Ever

Kids will have a lot of tough choices in the coming months, as I saw action figures for famous superheroes, sports stars, video game characters, and plush toys based on popular literary characters during the Toy Fair. Both action figures and literary tie-in toys have always been popular and this year’s crop of toys will surely continue that trend.

2. Kickstarter’s Popularity Continues to Grow

The other day I wrote about how Kickstarter continues to grow in popularity amongst the toy industry. The toys at Toy Fair this year further confirmed this—I saw a lot of interesting toys that began as Kickstarter projects. One of the most interesting projects I saw was Genetipetz.
Genetipetz are plush toys that combine features of different animals, for example the body of a giraffe with a cow’s spotting. You can see these toys are a little wacky and a lot of fun, a perfect choice for a Kickstarter campaign.

3. Interactive Toys are the Hottest Toys on the Market

Interactive toys are toys which feature an online or app component, a hook of sorts into the digital world. We’ve seen these kinds of interactive toys grow in popularity in the past year and they show no signs of slowing down in 2014. The Toy Fair offers a glimpse of the year to come in the toy industry. I expect these three trends to continue in 2014. What do you think the most popular toy of 2014 will be?

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